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  • 3,061

    New startups launched in India in 2020
  • $955K

    Median ticket size for seed stage funding deals in 2020
  • 11

    New startups entered unicorn club in 2020
  • $11.5 Bn

    Total funding secured in 2020 across 924 deals


Investor Friendly icon

Investor Friendly

POD is an investor-friendly platform, which levies no commission or hidden charges from investors.

Transparent and Real time icon

Transparent and Real time

The entire process is transparent as the investor can see and track the progress of the fundraising campaign in real-time.

Quality Startups icon

Quality Startups

POD lists only hand-picked startups that qualify for the minimum growth rate and minimum time spent in a competitive market criteria.

Safeguard Guaranteed icon

Safeguard Guaranteed

In order to safeguard the funds invested, we guarantee a full refund in case the fundraising campaign does not reach its goal.

POD for All icon

POD for All

POD's vision is to democratize fundraising in India and allow every investor to participate with an investment amount as low as ₹20,000.

All or Nothing Model icon

All or Nothing Model

If a startup doesn't reach its campaign goal, we refund the amount, allowing investors to back only the startups that have other investors as well. Thus, leading to a low-risk policy.




Sign up and create your profile by submitting your details on the platform.



Build your investor account adding more information, validating understanding of investments and signing the agreement.



Explore the best startups listed, shortlist the promising ones and finally, invest in a startup that aligns with your vision.


Share Certificate

Receiving a Share Certificate is assured and easy. The Share Certificate will be released once the startup reaches its campaign goal.


POD connects promising startups with Angel investors, HNIs and VCs among others. The value-add POD brings is ensuring all startups are vetted by a world-class team. Once this clearance happens, the startups are allowed to make their business pitch to potential investors. And if the investors find potential in the startups, they can choose to invest in them in return for equity.

Any Indian citizen who is 21 years of age and above and has a significant understanding/knowledge of investment and its risk can be an investor on POD.

The minimum amount one can invest through POD is ₹20,000/-. The maximum limit for Non-accredited investors is ₹2.5L. And for the Accredited investors, the maximum limit is 10% of their Net Value.

Here is all you need to know about raising funds on POD
Startup Onboarding
  • Onboarding: As the first step, a startup founder is asked to share the relevant details about his business and other KYC requirements. These details are collected through a form and sent to the team for vetting and due diligence.
  • Due diligence: The team verifies all the business details, vets KYC etc. to ensure that the information submitted by the startup is legitimate. Only after this will the startup be launched on POD.
  • Fundraising Campaign: Once the startup clears the vetting process, a fundraising campaign with a specific goal amount is launched on POD.
Investor Onboarding
  • Investor Onboarding: Once the investor finds a startup that's aligned with their vision and interest, they can go right ahead and invest with a single click. Different modes of payment are available for investors to choose from.
  • Investor Assessment: Investors have to answer a questionnaire to verify their understanding of investment risks.
  • KYC Verification: Once the KYC of the investor is successfully verified, they will be onboarded on POD and get access to choose from a range of startups to invest in.
Investment and Fund/share transfer
  • Investments: Once the investor finds a startup that's aligned with their vision and interest, they can go right ahead and invest with a single click. Different modes of payment are available for investors to choose from.
  • Campaign Status: When an investor invests in a startup, the funds remain in POD's Escrow account. If the startup reaches its funding goal, the amount is transferred to the startup. If not, the funds will be refunded to the investor.
  • End of Campaign: Funds are transferred to a startup if it reaches its funding goal. If not, a refund is initiated to the investor. Post this, the campaign is marked as closed.

As of now, POD levies no commission from investors on their investment made through the platform. The primary focus is to create a reliable and transparent ecosystem for startups to raise funds in India.


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We have some of the best curated and vetted startups on our platform. Here's your chance to become a leading investor in the next market disruptor.

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