We are Democratizing
Fundraising in India

POD is a Bengaluru-based fundraising platform.
Founded by Vittal Ramakrishna and backed by Elina Investments,
the platform aspires to nurture a
healthy ecosystem for investing and fundraising.


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We, at POD, are committed to EXCELLENCE. We are always pushing our boundaries and setting higher standards to deliver a world-class experience on India's first fundraising platform.

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We pride ourselves on nurturing an open, honest and completely TRANSPARENT mode of operation. We have a system that provides end-to-end visibility of our processes.

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We are one hundred per cent dedicated to creating and adopting the highest standards of DEMOCRACY in our modus operandi. All our business processes are inclusive and open to all individuals.

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Working on cutting edge technologies is our bread and butter. The features on the POD platform are an industry first, shaped by unparalleled INNOVATION and world-class navigation.


At POD, we are a team driven by passion, commitment and intellectual curiosity to provide our users with an investing and fundraising experience par excellence.

Vittal Ramakrishna

Vittal Ramakrishna

Founder, CEO

Kanishk Singh

Kanishk Singh

Investor Relations

Sweety Valechha

Sweety Valechha

Head of Product

Vimal Bhalani

Vimal Bhalani

Full Stack Developer

Athulya Mohan

Athulya Mohan

HR & Operations Associate


Reshape fundraising in India with us.
We are always eager to hire fresh talent.
Email the HR Team at career@podworld.in for details.

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trip to wonderla


We work hard.
We party harder.

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trip to wonderla

POD is owned by Crowdpouch Ventures Services Private Limited and reserves all rights to the assets, content, services, information, and products and graphics in the website but third party content. Crowdpouch does not solicit, advertise, market any of the users registered with POD, neither does it solicit investors by offering leagues/schemes/competitions etc. related to securities markets. POD hereby clarifies that it does not carry any resemblance to the stock exchange nor does it facilitate trading of securities nor does it act like a broker/agent/media for raising funds. Investment through POD does not carry rights of renunciation. Investors are cautioned that POD operates in an unregulated space hence, investment through POD is subject to investment risk. Investments in startups are highly illiquid.

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