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How to Get Investors for an Early-Stage Startup in India

Every day hundreds of startups breathe in the ecosystem bearing a revolutionary idea. But for a product to go from just an idea on paper to a mainstream platform having 1000000+ users, it requires some serious planning and funding.

Initially, the idea has to be shaped into a viable product to test the hypothesis. For this, startups don't require a stack full of money; little money would do. Entrepreneurs generally raise funds internally – mainly from family and friends who are equally excited about the idea.

What's next when the idea is feasible and starts gaining traction?

How would an entrepreneur plan to scale the business that foresees a possible successful run in the future?

To scale any business, it needs funds! And that can only be acquired through parting with equity. So the best and the only way possible left with entrepreneurs is to raise funds from external parties, mainly Angel Investors.

Keeping things real, it's not an easy task for an entrepreneur to raise seed capital. Since the product is still at the development stage, it would take a lot more than effort and conviction to raise capital from the angel investors.

In this blog, we will discuss how to kickstart the funding campaign and Get Investors For Your Early-Stage Startup Using POD -

Step #1 - Create Startup Profile

The first step for startups is to create a 'startup profile' with this link -

Once you've registered, fill in the necessary information like CIN Number, Company Pan Number, and most importantly, the 'Funding Goal' to complete your application.

This process will ensure your startup profile creation on the platform.

Step #2- Submit Pitch Deck

Attracting investment for your startup can be challenging. Investors look for more than just a name these days. That's why we suggest startups to create and submit a pitch deck to present the idea, value proposition, market opportunity, and, most notably, how they plan to make money (business model).

If you need assistance in creating a pitch deck, refer to our blog – '13 slides every pitch deck must have'

Step #3 – Vetting and Evaluation

Once you've submitted your pitch deck on POD, our investment team will conduct complete independent research to understand your business and evaluation better.

If your startup gets the green light from our investment team, you will be allowed to pitch at our weekly virtual event – POP (Pitch On Pod).

POP series takes place over the weekends (usually on Saturdays), where entrepreneurs are presented with the opportunity to pitch their business idea to investors. Each startup has 15 minutes to present the idea, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.

Step #4 – Campaign Launch

Startups that receive interest from investors during the POP series (which are plenty), their funding campaign is launched on POD. The registered investors can access the documents and pitch presented by you and invest from our platform.

Each startup is given a 21-day timeline to reach the funding goal. The campaign will be marked successful if a startup raises the desired capital within the timeline and funds will be released to your account through a safe and secure line.

To know more about how you can raise seed capital on POD, visit -

Kickstart your fundraising campaign today - SUBMIT PITCH DECK


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